A Closer Look

Yumaki material
Our toothbrushes are made from recyclable PP material and bamboo. The bristles are 100% nylon and imported from Japan.

Yumaki quality
All Yumaki products are high quality toothbrushes, produced by high precision European machinery and Japanese materials and expertise, to guarantee high quality standards to satisfy our loyal yumaki-fans around the world.

Yumaki manufacturing
All Yumaki products are manufactured by our Japanese oral care factory located in Vietnam with over than 100 years of experience of only focusing on professional dental hygiene products. All products are made in an isolated hygienic environment and the factory has been awarded both ISO 9001 and ISO 14000 certifications. The factory is constantly controlled to make sure that the working environment is following these high international standards and products are randomly tested to ensure that our high quality is met.

Our collections
We are always designing newer, sharper and better collections of toothbrushes every season. If you want to be sure to get the freshest toothbrushes first, be sure to visit www.yumaki.com often.

Limited editions
We also design highly limited editions which can be bought in a few selected stores around the world and are given out to fans for active support and ideas. If you want to know where to buy these limited editions please contact us at info@yumaki.com.

We always strive to improve our products and quality. If you have any suggestions on how to make our toothbrushes better please send your ideas to feedback@yumaki.com. Unique ideas that we end up using will be rewarded.

Yumaki products are of very high quality, but as any other toothbrush they wear out after a long period of intense usage. Dentists recommend that you change your toothbrush every second month or after illness to ensure a good product. We offer subscriptions according to your preference to make your life easier and to ensure that your always using a quality toothbrush.

We are extremely concerned about Mother Earth and although the materials we use are as mentioned recyclable, they will not be recycled laying in your garbage. We recommend that you send it back to us according to our Recycling program and we will reward you with new products in return.