Yumaki Toothbrushes Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Yumaki toothbrushes better than other toothbrushes?
Not only do we have options for every man and women's taste and preference. Whether that is glitter or just being as "green" as possible.. but the patented design of our toothbrushes is unique in the sense that it is more hygienic than other toothbrushes; 
The bristles of our toothbrush never touches any surface, even if the toothbrush is laid on it's side. Combining this design feature with charcoal blended bristles and you have a toothbrush that collects much less bacteria than any other toothbrush and can therefor last much longer.
Another added feature is the hole in the bottom of the toothbrush that fits oral hygiene accessories such as interdental brushes and single tuft brushes. 

What makes Yumaki such an high quality?
Our toothbrushes are made by the best material and are produced by our dedicated dental hygiene factory that has more than 100 years of experience in oral care manufacturing. Our toothbrushes balances function and design extremely well with high quality bristles and ergonomic handle that comes in a selected range of modern and classic styles every season. 

Does the Yumaki toothbrush brush my teeth better than the normal toothbrushes I buy in the supermarkets?
The efficiency of Yumaki toothbrushes are exactly the same as with any other high quality toothbrush produced with state of the art machines and materials. The most important is HOW you use your toothbrush. You can read more about the most efficient way to brush your teeth here: How to Brush Your Teeth Like a Boss

Are there different sizes and models?
We are currently designing new models for our new collections that will be out as soon as possible in even cooler styles. To find out exactly when our new of toothbrushes comes out like our facebook or sign up for our newsletter on our frontpage.

What stiffness are the bristles? And are there softer and harder bristles to choose from?
The bristles currently come in a soft and medium stiffness. And some are special bristles with a more gentle tip. These are the preferred stiffness from the majority of our customers. If you want us to create additional options of hardness please send us your feedback here: Feedback.

Does the Yumaki toothbrush follow international standards?
Our factories have FDA approvals and follows all international standards oral care factories must follow and has centuries of experience in the production of dental hygiene products. Many dentists are using and selling Yumaki products and consider them a great quality product. 
The factory is constantly controlled to make sure that the working environment is following these high international standards and products are randomly tested to ensure that our high quality is met.

How often do you launch new designs and models?
We launch new collections every year, additionally we are launching several highly limited editions on a regular basis. The best way to be informed about our new launches is to like our facebook page or sign up for our newsletter on our frontpage.

How long does Yumaki toothbrushes last?
It depends on how hard you brush your teeth. Our bristles are imported from Japan and of very high quality, but even the best bristles will get worn out with time and needs to be replaced with a new and fresh set to ensure that your teeth gets brushed efficiently.
Dentists recommend that you replace your toothbrush every 2nd month OR when the bristles start to bend OR after illness. If you are using a toothbrush made from an organic material such as bamboo, it is recommended that you replace it every month.

What are the shipping charges for your toothbrushes?
Shipping is free if you order for more than 100 USD. Otherwise the shipping is calculated on how much each product weighs. We also have different shipping options that can guarantee you a tracking number or faster shipping. You will get presented with these options at checkout.

Can I return or exchange products that I already ordered?
Of course! Within 14 days of receiving a Yumaki toothbrush, you may return them for a full refund or exchange them for another pair, as long as they are unused, with labels and packaging intact. 
If the product have a defect we cover all shipping costs, but if it is just a change of mind that is the reason for the exchange you will not be reimbursed for the shipping cost.

What's the delivery time for Yumaki products?
We do our best to get your order to you as quickly as possible, but because of where we are located some countries are faster to reach than others:

Europe: 7 days
US / Canada: 14 days
Asia: 14 - 19 days
Others: 19 days

Note: The postal service is not always consistent with their deliveries so it can sometimes even take up to 3 weeks to receive a shipment.

In the e-mail with your order confirmation you'll also find your order number, which enables you to track your delivery through Yumaki.
The absolute easiest way to track your order is by logging in and viewing the order progress in your Account.
You also have the option of choosing other shipping options at checkout to get tracking numbers or to speed up the delivery.

How do I pay for the products?
You can pay on our site using PayPal or by direct payments using Visa/Amex/Master Card. Please contact us with suggestions of other payment methods that you feel are missing.

What happens if I get damaged or mispackaged products?
Should you receive a delivery containing damaged or mispackaged products, we will cover all shipping charges and do everything we can to rectify our mistake. Either by offering new products or a refund, depending on your wish.