Our Story | Best Toothbrushes By Yumaki



Yumaki was started late 2009. We had a dream to reinvent the most personal everyday item - the Toothbrush. We wanted to make the toothbrush into an stylish designed product that reflected people's personalities. A efficient toothbrush free from unnecessities and false promises inspired by our Swedish design heritage and the colourful Asia we started Yumaki in. A beautiful toothbrush that could stand proud and complete the modern bathroom.

Today Yumaki is sold in selected stores in over 23 countries around the world, have been featured in many well established magazines and publications and can be seen in the bathroom of the rich and famous.

Yumaki's mission is to create unique high-quality oral care with personal style.


Tandkvist was started in late 2020 after our founder Jakob Lennartsson made his way back home to Sweden after many years in Asia. It was an answer to our customer asking for more quality sustainable oral care like the original heat pressed bamboo toothbrush created by Yumaki.

Tandkvist is responsible oral care created to be kind to our planet. Tandkvist will only create products from natural and compostable materials and will never use plastic packaging. We are trying to be as smart as possible to come as close as possible to zero waste and negative carbon emissions. We are doing this at the same time as we are increasing overall quality and introducing new innovations never seen in the category of oral care before.

Tandkvist's mission is innovative natural oral care for a better planet.


Yumaki takes quality very serious and follows all international production standards for professional dental care products. We keep in constant contact with all suppliers and make sure to select only the ones that have the best material and state of the art machines.

Since we produce products from different materials such as sugar cane plastic, bamboo, recycled plastic etc we make sure the quality and process is the most suitable for that particular product.



All of our toothbrushes are unisex since we believe that both men and women can have the same style and like the same things.

The unique Scandinavian product design makes the toothbrushes more hygienic than other toothbrushes since the bristles never touches any surface even if the toothbrush lays on it's side.

They all come with a hole in the bottom made to fit Yumaki accessories for more advanced oral care, such as the Interdental brush and Single tuft brush.

Each Toothbrush are manufactured using different materials and stiffness that is specified clearly on the product-page.